NCVO and Social Enterprise UK
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Before setting up your organization

  • Safeguarding the mission

    Organisations that are set up with objectives aimed at improving the lives of people, either socially or economically or both, can be said to have a 'social mission'.

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  • Choosing to be a charity

    The first charities were established over 400 years ago and becoming a charity is still the most widely recognised way for an organisation with a social mission to be established.

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  • Trading

    Contrary to popular belief, charities are able to carry out trading activity – and many do. The income from the sale of goods and services by the voluntary and community sector now makes up over half of the sector’s incoming resources.

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  • Managing the risk

    If your organisation is to be successful, you will expect to take some risks. However, all good leaders of organisations seek to manage and minimise the risks they take. Using an appropriate legal form is one way to do this.

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  • Funding and financing

    The most obvious source of finance is an organisation generating its own surpluses to reinvest. But there are a range of further sources of finance available to charities, co-operatives and social enterprises. 

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  • Tax

    An obvious source of finance for any enterprise is retention of profits. If your organisation is likely to be very dependent on its surpluses, perhaps because you are not able to access other forms of finance, then it is worth considering the tax implications of choosing certain legal forms.

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