NCVO and Social Enterprise UK
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Case Study: HCT Group

Name of organisation

HCT Group

Legal form

Charitable company limited by guarantee (CLG) with community interest company (CIC) subsidiaries

Where, what and how

HCT Group is an award winning provider of public transport and related training services in the UK. Founded in Hackney, east London, in 1982, it has 9 depots in London and Yorkshire. Its vision is social justice and equality for all and aims to contribute towards this goal through the conduct of its activities, by reinvesting generated surpluses within the businesses, increasing employability promoting community transport concepts and by applying the social enterprise business model.

HCT Group is the holding company for all the operations. It wholly owns a leading subsidiary called CT Plus CIC which is a community interest company. CT Plus in turn owns CT (Yorkshire) which runs its services in Yorkshire.

The group structure allows HCT Group to separate the risks associated with its business in different limited liability vehicles. The social mission of each of those vehicles is protected (either through charitable status or through being CICs) which sends a clear message to the public that the organisation is a social enterprise.

Why the form fits

A group structure allows HCT Group to separate risk.