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“BWB Get Legal brings you a range of top-quality, affordable legal documents, available to download and customise to your specifications. Every document has been drafted by our expert solicitors.”
Get Legal


What does BWB GetLegal offer?

Get Legal offers a wide range of essential documents for starting and running your organisation. Most of these can be downloaded for a small fee and some are provided as a free service.

The documents include everything from the standard legal precedents that you will need to fill out in order to form a charity or social enterprise, through to board resolutions, governance documents and employment contracts.

All the documents have been produced by experts in their fields at Bates Wells Braithwaite. The documents library will be continually reviewed and expanded by the BWB GetLegal team.

In addition to the documents library, our Help for New Organisations section provides resources, explanations and case studies for social start-ups. It includes a ‘Decision Tool’ to help you choose the right legal form.

Our GetLegal blog will feature legal updates, know-how, tips and experiences from the frontline.

What does BWB GetLegal NOT offer?

BWB GetLegal addresses a specific need for good legal documentation at an affordable price. It does not offer legal advice and you should always seek specialist advice if you are unsure about your requirements.

If you need specific legal advice then you can explore the Services, Sectors and People sections of the main BWB website and get in touch directly with the relevant team.

Why have we created BWB GetLegal?

We think that all charities, social enterprises and small businesses should have access to high quality legal documents at an affordable price.

As the City law firm leading the market in legal services for these sectors, we have created BWB GetLegal to answer that need.

Isn’t there already a website called Get Legal?

Yes – BWB worked with NCVO and other partners across the social sector to create a website wholly focused on start-ups and the legal forms available to them. This original site, including the decision tool for legal structures, has now been absorbed into the new website, under the Help for New Organisations section.

How do I use BWB GetLegal?

It’s simple: use the filters to the right to explore and select the document that you need, sign in and download it for a small fee.

Once you have been through the sign in process you will be taken to our document builder, which will tailor the document for your organisation and produce for you it in PDF form.

You will need to have various pieces of key information to hand to complete each document, so we will let you know what these are and how much time the process is likely to take. After logging in and registering with the system for the first time, you will be able to come back and check your history or download your document again, within an agreed timeframe.

The BWB Knowledge Centre

BWB GetLegal is building a series of basic guidance and case studies around the key documents on the site, including expert articles, audio podcasts and videos. For more in-depth articles, legal updates and news, we encourage you to explore the Knowledge Centre on the main BWB website: