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Employment contract

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This document is right for your organisation if:

  • You want a contract of employment for a junior member of staff;
  • You have a seperate job description for the role;
  • You have disciplinary, grievance and sickness absence procedures in place; and
  • You do not need to incorporate any post-termination restrictions into the contract.

This document is not right for your organisation if:

  • The employee has transferred to you from another business;
  • You want a contract of employment for a senior employee or director;
  • You want a zero hours contract for a worker or employee;
  • You want an agreement for a volunteer;
  • You want a consultancy agreement for a self-employed individual;
  • You operate a pension scheme other than an auto-enrollment scheme;
  • There are collective agreements affecting the role; or
  • You intend to give the employee any benefits in kind, such as a company car.

Please Note: This is a very basic contract of employment, and does not include a number of common clauses such as contractual sick pay, post-termination restrictive covenants and provision for pensions other than auto-enrollment pensions. If you need a contract incorporating any of these clauses, one of the other contracts referred to above or any other advice about recruitment and your company’s particular circumstances, please contact us on or 020 7551 7777 and a member of our legal team will be able to let you have a quotation for providing bespoke advice.

What do I need before I start?

You will need to have all of your organisation’s details to hand. You will also need to know the following information. There will be information provided throughout the questionnaire to help you answer the questions:

• Your employee’s full name and address;
• Their start date;
• Their job title, salary, hours and place of work and their holiday entitlement;
• Whether you intend to give them a probationary period;
• The date of the month on which they will be paid;
• The start and end dates of your holiday year;
• Their notice period; and
• Your pension auto-enrollment staging date.

Remember: If you don’t have everything you need you can make a start, save the information and return to complete the form another time.

Q: What is the process?
A: Once you have logged in and paid for the form you will be asked a series of questions. These questions help us to create exactly the right document for you. There is lots of information to help you. Once you have finished the document it will be emailed to you with more instructions about what to do next.

Q: What if I don’t have time to complete the form?
A: If you don’t have all the information you need or if you get interrupted you can save the information you have inputted and return to the document later.

Q: What if I want more information about employment issues?
A: You may find some of the other resources on BWB Get Legal helpful, there are employment documents such as a grievance policy and a disciplinary policy as well a volunteer agreement. If you would like advice on a more complex employment contract, or want more specific advice about your organisation’s circumstances, please contact BWB at or 020 7551 7777 and a member of our legal team will be able to give an estimate for providing bespoke advice.

Document fee: £36.00

Please note: after you complete our step-by-step customisation process, the document will be sent to you in an uneditable PDF format.