Pros and cons of charitable status


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A guide for organisations which are considering registering as a charity

Is this right for me?

This document is right for your organisation if:

  • You are considering whether charitable status is right for your organisation;
  • Your organisation is going to be set up in England or Wales;
  • You would like to have a clear overview of the advantages of chartiable status; and
  • You would like to balance these advantages against the restrictions associated with charitable status.

This document is not right for your organisation if:

Please Note: Once you have decided if charitable status is right for you, you may be interested in the BWB Online guide to legal structures for charities or the BWB Online guide to legal structures for social enterprises. You can use our interactive decision tree to help you choose the best legal form for your plans. If you would like specific advice on your plans, or help with establishing and registering your organisation, please contact us on or 020 7551 7777 and a member of our legal team will be able to let you have a quotation for providing bespoke advice.

What you'll need…

What do I need before I start?

You should only need to know the following two pieces of information before you start:

• What the name of your organisations is, if it has one; and
• Whether your organisation has been set up yet.

Remember: If you don’t have everything you need you can make a start, save the information and return to complete the form another time.


Q: What is the process?
A: Once you have logged in and paid for the form you will be asked a couple of questions. These questions help us to create exactly the right document for you. Once you have finished the document it will be emailed to you with more instructions about what to do next.

Q: What if I don’t have time to complete the form?
A: If you don’t have all the information you need or if you get interrupted you can save the information you have inputted and return to the document later.

Q: What if I want more information about registering a charity?
A: You may find some of the other resources on BWB Get Legal helpful. There is the free interactive decision tree. We also have guidance notes on legal structures for charities and legal structures for social enterprises. If you would like more specific advice on formation and registration as a charity or any other legal issue, please contact BWB at or 020 7551 7777 and a member of our legal team will be able to give an estimate for providing bespoke advice.

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